On this page you will find an overview of some practical claim related projects of students

Applied Research and Development
das team

The team working goal-oriented and copes with tasks …
A contribution to the practical training of students …
A collaboration with HIAI

The programmed Cartoons

A story from 1001 Nights …
Approaches for Animation of a different kind …
Together with : Elha Begic , Volker Ahlers

Phelix – The health educational game for children

Therapy support chronic metabolic diseases . Playful learning about the diet at Phenylketonurie.Zusammen with : Michael Schmidt , inter alia,

Edutainment & LS
Weber Rescue–>
” Rescue Team Leader ” is a browser game for firefighters basic training and defined by WEBER RESCUE system training content for seminars .

GuHa – 3D Animationsfilm [more…]guha_1
An Oriental History …
Feasibility study …
From the idea , director’s script , graphics , modeling, animation to the creation of a trailer …

ASMO- Roboter in der Pflege [more…]Roboter

Further projects

AZUBI-CD – Info multimedia CD with aptitude test for trainees

Firmen CD – Customizable , multimedia company presentation for Außendienstmitarbeitermit Stefanie Langer , David Baum and Vincent Eubler

Zombie – a 2D-Game

Puzzel – Customisable Game

Quizmaster – Live quizmaster for any questions and level with Adrian Yass

Mobile Timetable – Timetable for Smartphone mitFlorian Tiefenbach , Björn Karges and Anna – Maria Heinrich ( 1st design draft )

PPP-Software:” Professional Practice Program ” for training quality . Together mitMarcell Spies , Oliver Tantu , Matthias Christmas and Rolf Staguhn ( company PPS )

ERP program with Reimund Fischer , Benedikt Krings , Sebastian Hangel and Marvin Bartels

Web presentations Several projects

Phelix – Multimediales Lernen ( Company Milupa ) collaboration with Edith Müller and Peter Burgard , General Pediatrics – University Hospital Heidelberg

Mobile Edutainment – GPS -based and action-packed Edutainmentanwendung with Florian Tiefenbach , Björn Karges and Achim guard

Yet Another System Solution